Ghost Story Night ambulance

Ghost Story Night ambulance

The incident I will share with you today is a complete fact. The incident happened to one of my brothers. He used to drive mofidul in Anjuman. He used to come and go to different places with dead bodies. It was his daily work. One day he received a call and immediately after receiving the call, he went to the office and found out that he had to take a body to Rajshahi today.  

He saw the body that had been badly accidented and the body belonged to a beautiful woman. It looks like she used to study in college or university. Lying on one side of the head and hair all messy and bleeding from different parts of the body. He had visited many districts outside the district with his body occasionally before so he left with another man and body without delay. 

After driving for 4-5 hours in a row, he came to a place and sat down to eat and, after eating and drinking, went back to the car and started driving. After going a few kilometres, suddenly a wheel goes off. 

Get out of the car and find that the wheels of the car have been stopped and when you search for extra wheels in the car, you will realize that the wheel has not been brought. He said, 'Bhaiya, when we didn't bring the wheel, we could repair the wheel wherever we ate. Saying this, he left with a spoiled chakata and some money. 

His car was side-by-side on one side of the road and he wondered how long it would take to repair the wheel. Thinking about this, he went back to the car and sat down. 

The car was stodged with hydraulic jugs. He wondered how long he would wait on a car that stopped alone. The place is very silent and he can't see anything but a couple of buses sai sai.

And thinking that after 10 p.m., he's smoking a cigarette thinking that there will be some on the highway. As he looked around at the looking glass inside, his eyes rose to his forehead. He saw the girl's body standing up. 

This time he didn't dare turn his neck. He felt like he was teething his teeth. Then the girl said from behind, Bhaiya, I'll drink water. He looked back and saw the girl standing and the scar on her head was no longer there.

It seems that the girl was unconscious for so long and has now regained consciousness. She said again, Bhaiya, I'm very watery. Give me some water. This time he put the water bottle in front of his father as he looked a little normal. When she got the water, she finished eating it with a sigh of relief.

Then the girl turned her face to the man and said, "You know, bhaiya, my chest was bursting to drink this water." This time the girl started saying her own way. Bhaiya, after my varsity holiday that day, I was going to the bus stand in a rickshaw to go home. 

When I got out of the rickshaw and rented and walked forward, I couldn't tell where a speeding bus came from and hit me and i fell in front of me with that blow in the blink of an eye. Unable to brake the bus, my head went right through the left side. On the way, i left my whole body on the road a few times. 


I was alive for a while after the accident but couldn't shout give me some water. My throat was bursting with thirst. I cried for water with a loud cry, but no one gave me a drop of water. Then my motionless body was picked up in the ambulance and my ID card gave me my body to you to reach home.  

Bhaiya thank you very much for feeding me water and my parents have told my brothers and sisters not to worry about me and put them back to bed. 

By then the one who had gone to fix the wheel had come. He came and said bhaiya had become a host and looked at his drink and saw that his whole body was sweating. Then they left. It was 10 a.m. the next morning on her way to the girl's village house. 

When the family found the girl's body, they cried profanely. They left for Dhaka without staying there for long. On her way away, she saw the girl waving her hand and saying goodbye. Then the girl was no longer seen.

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