Ghosts of Malaysia-Ghost town of malaysia

Ghosts of Malaysia-Ghost town of malaysia

There is nothing in the world to say ghosts. This is an imaginary scene in the mind. I didn't believe it myself, but it's true that genes exist on earth. Usually both man and jinn are the creator's creations and we also know that the jinns can take the form of anyone at any time.

Genes live much longer than humans or can live for 1,000 to 2,000 years.  Just as there are good and bad among us, there are good and bad in them.

Many researchers have a large number of genes in Malaysia-Philippines and Indonesia

। Most of these countries are surrounded by mountains and forests. And that's why ghosts or genes are more common in these countries. I am now in Malaysia. I will tell you the details of what I have seen in front of myself or with my own eyes today. When I first came to Malaysia I took a room in a three-storey house for a stay. My friend and I lived on the third floor of the house. And on the second floor of the house were two rooms where two other Bengalis lived. 

On the ground floor, there was only a kitchen and the rest was all hollow.  I tell you a strange thing that happened to me. There was no one else in the house when I was cooking at home one day. Just then the ringtone rang on my mobile in my room upstairs. So I left the kitchen and left the kitchen and saw a girl walking forward.  I followed him and saw him climb up the stairs very quickly and then I couldn't see him again. 

Then I thought that my girlfriend, who grew up on the top floor, might have come to meet her, so i saw me and left quickly. I asked those on the second floor at night if a girl had come to meet them yesterday. They asked me why something had happened or I opened up to them and said they didn't say there was no problem. They didn't say there was no problem. 

They later said we had seen it for a long time. I realized then that it was actually a gene. Then they said to me, 'Don't be afraid it won't harm you.' Then I can't see anything else. It's been a long time since then, and after a month and a half, I leave that house and there's no room rent in another new house. The new language I rented would not have been there for 7-8 years. There was all the big grass in the front of the house.

But what if it was clear the house was very beautiful and two storeys and the rent was too low. When I came home, I was conditioned to do everything I had to do, including cleaning the grass. In two days, I packed the house nicely. A few days after getting home, I sat alone at home, opening the window and listening to music.

Usually my room is well visible when i climb up the stairs from the bottom. Suddenly my eyes went away. I felt as if kay had climbed up the stairs and climbed up the stairs. When he saw me, he went down.

I saw him he was very tall and I couldn't see his face properly. He was wearing a black cloth. As soon as I saw him, I came down from the two floors and saw below that there was no one there. 

This time I started feeling like I saw this scene in the previous house and in this house I saw if it was wrong in my mind. I later discussed it with all the known Bengalis around me and they said that they too were witnesses to these incidents. Many of them said again that they too had seen these things with their own eyes. 

And some of them said that now it's much less visible than those who have come here and worked before. Those who came to Malaysia in the 1990s to work could say better about this. There were not so many buildings here, then all the jungle mountains were doing it all around. Then many of our friends did bombay music and saw it a lot in their eyes. The Malaysians sitting next to the Bengalis there denied the gene. 


This is our case a few days ago when three of us went to Malekka in a private car. We were returning to Kuala Lumpur around 3 pm. Then we suddenly saw four people running with a body. We were surprised to see and kept thinking that four people were taking bodies on such a secluded path. 

We got out of the car and ran towards them to see how they were going and after a while our eyes fell on their feet and saw their feet all over. This time we realised that three of us friends ran into the car and started the car and we left immediately. It was a mysterious event in our lives. 

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