Import export business in bangladesh

Import export business in bangladesh

Generally, in this age of globalization, trade is no longer confined to small positions. The competition to sell goods in the international market has started now beyond the boundaries of the domestic or country. And bangladeshis are not far behind in this competition.

Bangladesh generally has many commercial organizations starting from the individual level, which usually export exports and imports a variety of goods. There is also a huge demand for some Bangladeshi products in the international markets.   And with the demand and shortage of foreign goods in Bangladesh, there is a lot of potential in the import-export sector.

What is Import Export Business 

Import exports are usually a type of international business. Export import business is generally sold and marketed by exchanging goods from one country to another. And due to the current state-of-the-art communication technology, anyone can do this business easily if they want to. 

How to start a business 

You can start this business yourself with the right guidelines and selection of products. New entrepreneurs, seasonal traders, students, high-paying job seekers, and especially those planning to do business at low-capital can also start this import-export business. So let's find out the important things about import export business:

The right idea is that the desire to do business but there is no capital. For them, the import export business can be an ideal because it is possible to do this business at a low capital. Where you are usually your own boss, the decision is yours but in this case the range of business is infinite.

Usually people with any investment enabler, starting with low capital, can fearlessly do export-import business. Hey, the biggest advantage of the business is that here you can start a business with low capital and become a big businessman in a few years. 

And for this this business can be started in terms of proper guidelines with working plans and selection of the right products. And despite the huge opportunities for import trade with China and India in our country, the number of new entrepreneurs is very small now. One of the reasons for which is generally the lack of proper knowledge about the details of this business.

Which kind of goods to import: Selecting goods is a very important thing for import-export business. You must have a complete understanding of which type of product you will send to and what the demand is like in that country. There are many products imported from Bangladesh, including construction materials, industrial raw materials, transport materials, televisions, machinery, airconditioning, refrigerators, edible oils, mineral oils, fat chemicals, medicines, cereals, etc. 

And the garments in export include garments, medicines, jute, tea, leather, handicraft cottage similes.

A country is the safest and most accessible country in exporting goods: There are currently many small entrepreneurs who usually import goods from outside the country and sell them in the country's market and in that case China is one of the safest and most accessible countries. Generally, the risk of doing business by importing Chinese goods is low and it is also relatively profitable.

So many people in our country are eager to start this business again. But many are losing enthusiasm by starting a business due to their various problems while importing goods. There are many of them who are interested in exporting goods outside the country but are not getting the right guidelines. 

Some business ideas: If you decide to do business, you need to check first which type of product is in demand in the market. Suppose the corona virus outbreak is now causing a growing rush of patients who do not laugh. 

Many hospitals do not have kits for corona tests. So if you bring this pest from outside country quickly and supply it here, you are likely to benefit. Again you suddenly noticed that the demand for coffee machines in the country has increased or auto machines are doing good business from China.

Then you will benefit greatly if you sell these products after bringing them home. Then you can bring various gadgets if you want, including very small full ones such as memory cards, mobile back covers, wallets, Bluetooth speakers, power banks, wristwatches and CC cameras. 

What kind of budget should it be 

Import-Export business requires changing the budget from state to state. If you start this business in the first instance, you can do it at your own discretion between Rs. 1 and Rs. 5 lakhs. You can increase the amount of capital if the profits from this business are high later. 

Moreover, if the business continues very well later, you can increase your business scope by increasing investment or taking partners. But even if someone plans to do business worth crores of rupees on a large scale. One thing you must remember when investing in business is that the more you give, the sweeter it will be. Just like this - the more you increase business joint investment, the more your profit will increase. 

How to communicate: Many people think about how to contact people when i do business with foreign countries. Suppose you do business with China, there are many other complications, including how to contact them, how to pay, know the value of the product, bring the product properly, LC. And that's why new entrepreneurs are usually afraid to do import-export business. 

So China has been working for those who are generally doing import export business not getting the right guidelines or thinking of starting a new one or not dare to start the business because the capital is small.   

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