Top 5 smartphone brand in bangladesh

Top 5 smartphone brand in bangladesh

Today, without a smartphone, we don't want to spend our days. The demand for smartphones has been increasing over time. All the new smartphone brands are constantly and marketed. Updates are coming on a variety of phones. But the smartphone market has always been dynamic. 

As the demand for human smartphones increases day by day, so is the price of it. In today's article, I will tell you about the top 5 smartphone brands in Bangladesh at present:

Top 5 Smartphones in Bangladesh


There will be talk of smartphones and samsung's name won't be there how it happens. Samsung is one of the best smartphone brands in the world. The popular smartphone company has been making smartphones since 2009 and is still at the peak of popularity. 

Samsung smartphone brand phones are very popular all over the world. For a long time they have been faithfully meeting the demand for people's smartphones in the phone market. 

Samsung Galaxy smartphone brands in the world are in great demand. At the same time, the demand has increased in Bangladesh. Samsung Galaxy is also in great demand for this smartphone brand in Bangladesh. The company sells numerous smartphones every year.

Samsung Galaxy Note series smartphones are running very high in the market now. One of the best smartphone brands in the world sells billions of dollars worth of smartphones every year in the Bangladesh market. At present, the 6.3 inch Galaxy Note 8 will cost as much as  94,900 tk in the Bangladesh market. 


There was a huge demand for bangladesh symphony phone before. A decade ago, people in Bangladesh understood nothing but symphony mobile phones, but they were not android phones of advanced versions. The demand was for symphony button phones. 

After the creation of all android versions of the developed versions of other brands in the world, the Symphony smartphone brand had moved to a very shaky position in between. But now the Symphony smartphone brand has once again tightened its position in the Bangladesh market. 

Symphony smartphones are very popular with all categories of people as they are usually within the purchasing power of buyers. This brand is usually marketed by importing smartphones from three. Symphony companies sell numerous smartphones every year in Bangladesh. 

You will get smartphones from Symphony Company between Rs 5,000 and Rs 15,000 in the market. The smartphone is currently being sold extensively Z35 Bangladesh Symphony. This phone has all the attractive Android features and powerful processors. The phone is currently available in the Bangladesh market at  10,940 tk.


Huawei is a smartphone brand in China. This smartphone company has a demand for how it is popular in China all over the world.

The world's largest smartphone brand is delivering all its attractive smartphones to more than 170 countries. The smartphone company imports phones from teasing and markets them in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is in great demand for this smartphone company. As time goes by, the demand for this smartphone company in Bangladesh seems to be increasing day by day. Huawei Company smartphones are very attractive. 

This phone is very popular with Bangladeshi smartphone lovers for all the great features and interesting Android experiences. The Huawei smartphone brand sells millions of phones in Bangladesh every year. You will get most of the phones on this smartphone brand between tk 7000 and tk 70,000. 


The Oppo smartphone brand is very familiar to those who use smart phones. The Oppo smartphone brand is very popular especially for selfie lovers. The Oppo smartphone brand is in great demand all over the world. This phone has tightened its position around the world mainly for all the interesting camera features. 

The Oppo smartphone brand is not lagging behind in the Bangladesh market. They sell numerous phones in Bangladesh every year. You can get any phone from popular smartphone brand Oppo at any outlet in your company or by ordering it online if you want. 

The Oppo smartphone brand is very popular with the people of Bangladesh. The demand for oppo company is increasing day by day in Bangladesh. You will get various smartphones from 7000 to 90,000 Oppo in Bangladesh. 

If you want to buy a smartphone, you can buy Oppo F17 smart phone. The phone has a powerful processor with attractive camera feature. Moreover, the battery capacity of this phone is also very strong. You will get the smartphone Oppo F17 in the current market for  20,990 Tk.


Real Me is one of the most popular smartphone brands in the world. The phone market was rocked after the Indian company marketed all the amazing phones of this realme smartphone brand. The Real Me smartphone brand is currently very popular in Bangladesh. And that's because the phone has a great gaming processor. The phone is basically designed to play games. 

Real Me is the number one phone of choice for the younger generation who are interested in playing games. Moreover, the demand for the Real Me smartphone brand is slowly increasing all over the world.

The real me smartphone brand's phones are very nice. Due to which one of the best smartphone brands has been able to gain the confidence of the people of Bangladesh. And the Realme 8 Pro smartphone made in Bangladesh has gained a lot of popularity and the demand has increased to a great extent. 

The attractive smartphone has 128 GB of phone storage and is called 8GB. You will get the smartphone in the Bangladesh market for  27,990 Tk.

Finally, these five smartphone brands are currently the top five smartphone brands in the market in Bangladesh. All these five brands of phones are in great demand in Bangladesh at present. 

These smartphone brands are equally popular not only in Bangladesh but all over the world. So those who had doubts about which brand of smartphone to buy may no longer have this doubt after reading our article. 

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