Top 10 Home Remedies to Keep Laptops Healthy

Top 10 Home Remedies to Keep Laptops Healthy

Laptops are now a very important thing in today's life. A few years ago, there was a lot of computer demand. But now it has been occupied by laptops. People are now demanding laptops more than computers for all personal purposes.

You bought a laptop with great difficulty, inquiring, good band, but if your favorite laptop falls ill due to lack of awareness and care. So take some rules that will protect your laptop.

Screen Protector

You need to buy both screen protector and keyboard protector. Screen protector is the same thing as laptops that Asra uses on mobile phones. Using it will not cause any stains or small injuries on your laptop, and even if it hurts, it will be on the protector. It is priced at Rs 150 to Rs 200.

Keyboard Protector

The keyboard protector is like a screen of transparent rubber.  Your keyboard will be safe and dust-free to use it. Sometimes when we notice, we see that our laptops are often dusted, and we have to clean and get into a lot of trouble. And this is another advantage suppose you're having tea or coffee if you're carelessly falling on the keyboard of a tea-coffee laptop. If you use a key board protector, it's not a problem, because the keyboard can't access any water or coffee.

Cooling Fan

Laptops have many small and big ranges, computer-required motherboards, processors, hard disks and everything else. That's why it's normal for laptops to heat up. Its only careful cooling fan, it won't heat up if used.

Ventilator Cleaning

The ventilators that are present for air movement along the laptop and on the backside should be cleaned. By doing this, your laptop cooling fan will be dust free and will work well.

Do not use on bed or pillow

You will never use a laptop by placing it on a bed or pillow. Using this way produces hot air very quickly and cannot come out with ventilators. Using it constantly can ruin your laptop. You can use good cooling if you are a fan.

Take precautions on electricity connection

Be careful while providing electricity connection to your laptop. Do not switch off the laptop while in the power code, then apply the code. You will also be likely to be damaged by the power connectof your laptop.

Eliminate charges

Do not use laptops on power lines constantly. You will have laptop protection if you finish charging on your laptop battery at least two days a week.

Software Install

There may be a lot of software on the laptop that you never need. Uninstall those softwares, and do not install software that is not useful. Otherwise, the laptop's operating system will be stressed so slow can work.


If you use the Internet on laptop, use the lysend antivirus. Then your laptop will be saved from antivirus.

Skin Resolution

When you run your laptop in a buttery, you must reduce skin resolution as much as possible. This will increase your business life and get more backup time. As a result, your laptop will also be much safer.


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